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What is Dope Curls?

What is Dope Curls and how does it effect you?

First up tho let me introduce myself. I'm Ginger a licensed stylist for the last 15ish years I decided to specialize in tight curls 2 years ago. I went out and looked for all the education I could find that focused on tight curls and guess what? It was a wasteland out there. Finally I stumbled upon a couple stylists out of Atlanta and Chicago and they answered my prayers by creating a tight curly curriculum which I immediately signed up for. Thankfully we happen to have similar ideas when it comes to the ways in which we approach natural/curly hair. Check them out at Cut It Kinky if you live somewhere outside of Albuquerque. They have online resources and a directory of like-minded stylists.

Now let's talk about Dope Curls By Ginger

I am not a minimalist in any way except when it comes to my hair. Honestly truly though I don't want to spend hours on my hair. An all day wash day is not for me and I don't think it has to be for anyone!

I'm completely against DIYing and applying things that belong in the kitchen on your hair. It's simply not necessary the hair industry has come a long way baby! Stop wasting your time and let the professionals do it for you!

My philosophy is simple​

1. Regular cleansing and conditioning with quality products.

2. Eliminating raw butter and oils and replacing them with botanically based styling products.

3. Simple easy styling that lasts more than a day.

4. Staying away from DIY kitchen concoctions and the latest viral fad.

5. Understanding what a “protective style” is and what it isn’t.

6. Embracing your natural texture and not coveting anyone else’s curl pattern or texture.

​It’s a low maintenance approach to achieving bomb hair that just looks high maintenance!

Natural Hair Doesn't Need To Be Tamed!

So when you're ready to take all the guess work out of your natural hair, you want to refine the process and stick to a few quality products to achieve your best hair I'll be ready for you!

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