Hi there I’m Ginger

I was born and raised in Albuquerque and thank goodness because green chile is an actual necessity. Right now  life is all about family and travel often to Disneyland and Universal to ride all the rides and eat all the funnel cake! I’ve never met a cat or dog I didn’t instantly love and let me be so bold as to say they always love me right back! Don’t feel bad if your dog or cat prefers me animals are kinda my thing! Driving for me is a physical activity and if you see me out I will be singing and dancing probably to Bey, some 90's R&B or something equally dope. In the event I get a flat tire which is a regular occurrence for me I keep a book or 3 on hand to pass the time until I’m rescued. I can change a tire I just choose to have someone else do it for me!

After relaxing my hair on a semi-regular basis for 22+ years I dropped it in 2013-ish and haven't looked back! At first, I believed that natural hair was difficult and I spent too many hours and too many of my hard earned coins doing all the wrong things. I blended up all the fruit, slathered all the oils and butter and used all the low-quality products! In the end, I was left with dry dull hair and an itchy scalp!

So I went back to that cosmetology degree I got 15 years ago and got scientific about it all! I sought out other stylists who were doing it the scientific way and took all the classes and did all the research I could. That’s when my mission became clear! I want to help people with tightly curled, coiled kinky hair to love their hair as much as I do. I want you to know that natural hair doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to take hours, and you, yes you can have wash and go hair. You’ve been told what your hair can’t do let me show you what it can do! I know you might be skeptical even nervous about letting me touch your hair. I want you to know my chair is a judgment-free zone and all are welcome. I’ve been exactly where you are so I totally get it!


My philosophy is simple​

1. Regular cleansing and conditioning with quality products.

2. Eliminating raw butter and oils and replacing them with botanically based styling products.

3. Simple easy styling that lasts more than a day.

4. Staying away from DIY kitchen concoctions and the latest viral fad.

5. Understanding what a “protective style” is and what it isn’t.

6. Embracing your natural texture and not coveting anyone else’s curl pattern or texture.

Natural Hair Doesn't Need To Be Tamed!